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Recipe Ideas

Healthy Mini Pizzas!

- 1 Kangaroo whole grain pita pocket

- 4 ounces grilled chicken chopped

- 1 ounce cheese

- peppers or onions or any veggie that sounds good!

- 1 serving Frank's RedHot Kickin' BBQ (MY FAV!)


Directions: turn on skillet or place large pan on stove, medium heat. Cut pita pocket in half to form two "crusts" place on the skillet/pan. While those are toasting, cut up your chicken, veggies, and add cheese. Spread onto the crusts and drizzle with BBQ. Done once cheese is starting to melt. Cut them in half or quarters and ENJOY!


Nutritional info:

410 calories

39g protein

40g carbs

5g fiber

12g fat




EZ Green Tea

1. Fill a large pitcher with HOT water from your tap.

2. Tear off the strings from 5 or 6 green tea bags and toss in.

Optional: add 4-5 packets stevia

3. Put on lid and let sit for a few hours before you refridgerate.

Frozen Banana Treat:

1. Peel and freeze banana overnight

2. In a bowl combine 30 cal type almond milk and half a packet of sugar free/fat free chocolate or vanilla pudding mix.

3. Slice frozen banana into small pieces and add into the almond milk pudding mix.

4. Enjoy


140 calories

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