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I met Ryan 4 years ago when I showed up at the gym with a notebook of exercises I wanted to do and no idea how to use the machines. I asked for the trainer to show me the exercise machines...  I weighed 250# and just had lapband surgery a couple months earlier. .but knew if I wanted to be successful I had to change my life with exercise and proper nutrition.

A few months later I was not getting the results I wanted  so again I called Ryan to  assist me one on one.... He has taught me what I can do and what I cant do... He has pushed me farther than i ever thought I could go. I started out 4 years ago lifting 2 and 3 pounds weights now I lift 20 and 25. Leg presses were 50# and now they are 140 and climbing. My first 5k in 2010 was 52:14 a couple weeks ago (July 2013) I did it in 29:13. Ryan has been there through it all.... pushing, encouraging and struggling with my plateaus as well as I have... Could not ask for a better trainer.


-Ann T.

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